Easy-to-Print Chronological Bible Reading Guide

My family and I are in the process of reading through the Bible in chronological order. Because we have talked so much (see How to Read the Bible and Understand it Better) about how we enjoy this method of reading the Bible, we’re often asked for a copy of our reading plan. I typed it up, but found that it used a LOT of paper. Then I discovered a great new program that allows me to print it in a smaller ‘booklet’ form. I LOVE the booklets because they are a very efficient use of paper, AND they fold down to a convenient size that is easy to keep in my Bible. You can print the booklets and read from your own Bible … but my family and I actually read from The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order because it is much less time consuming and easier than flipping back and forth to read one or two verses from several different places, especially when reading the gospels because they have so many parallel verses. We also like the narration that is injected at key points during the reading. The narration serves a tour guide, moving you from one topic to the next, and the author kept his opinion to a minimum … allowing the Scripture to speak for itself. You can help support our family’s ministry by ordering from the link I’ve placed in this article (see our ministry newsletter at www.RigneyMinistries.com).

Printable Reading Guides

Note: I’m still working on these printable guides. I’ll activate the link to each section as soon as I’m finished with it. See why I suggest you start with the New Testament.

New Testament Readings

  1. Jesus the Christ
  2. Christ’s Church and the Apostles

Old Testament Readings

  1. Beginnings of Early Mankind
  2. Period of the Patriarchs
  3. Establishment of a Nation
  4. The Laws of Moses (Incomplete)
  5. Conquering a Land (Incomplete)
  6. Israel As a Monarchy
  7. The Divided Kingdom
  8. Judah After Israel’s Fall (Incomplete)
  9. The Exiled Nation (Incomplete)
  10. Period of Restoration (Incomplete)
  11. 400 Years of Silence (See note above)

About This Reading Plan

Many of the events recorded in Scripture are duplicated in several different books of the Bible. For example, all four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) record the details of the life and ministry of Jesus. Parallel verses of events such as these are presented together in these guides. Occasionally, the parallel verses will be exact replicas. At other times, each verse will add a bit more detail.

I hope you enjoy using these guides, and I pray that God will richly bless your Bible reading and give you a better understanding of who He is and what He desires of you.


5 Responses to “Easy-to-Print Chronological Bible Reading Guide”

  1. AgentSully says:

    cool use of a pocket mod! thanks for visiting my site!

  2. This is a great idea. I have a chronological Bible that I have read through, and it really opened my eyes – especially reading the Psalms that David wrote at the time specific events happened. Unfortunately, my eyesight has gotten too bad to read the print in that Bible, so an alternative will be great.

  3. Thanks for the great plan! There are so many supposedly chronological plans available but this is the only one I’ve yet seen that is actually pretty completely chronological.
    I’d be very interested in the complete file if you’re open to sending it. I think the little booklets are pretty cool and am looking forward to seeing the rest of them but I’m interested in the entire plan right away and would rather use one of my many existing Bibles than purchase a new one right now.

  4. ru4real says:

    @ Gail: I’m glad you like this reading plan. It is my favorite! I would be happy to send you the complete file, if I had it complete, but I’ve been lazy about finishing it. I’ll try to get back to it and add the remaining pieces soon, and I’ll try to remember to send you a note when I add a new piece.

  5. Tina says:

    Thank you so much! My children are going to be reading through the New Testament, and I wanted them to read the life of Christ chronologically! God bless you!

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