How to Manage Relationships with Your Customers Effectively

Last year Forbes wrote an article titled “Why Is Customer Relationship Management So Important?” It mirrored a question asked by many entrepreneurs who can sometimes get too tied up in the many details they have to consider and so fail to take that one into account until the negative impact is felt.

The article goes into the many ways in which CRM is implemented across multiple sources. It also points out that it isn’t just big businesses that benefit from the use of customer relationship management, but small businesses and even freelancers. It is about controlling the customer experience to ensure their positive involvement with your brand.

The Art of Customer Relationships Management

All of this comes down to managing customers, wholesale. When you take a hand in the way a customer views and interacts with your brand, you are managing their expectations, time, engagement and overall impression from beginning to end. The result is a more complete onboarding and implementation process that builds loyalty and spreads to future customers.

But how can this be done more efficiently? We all know the struggles of customer relationships management and the difficulties with enmeshing yourself in such a high demand task with so many other details needing your consideration and attention.

The answer is simple: adopt solid customer relationships management solution to automate and simplify as much of the process as possible. Here are a few suggestions:

Start Using a CRM Platform to Organize and Analyze Your Lead Generation and Verification Tactics

There are several ways in which a CRM platform can make your business grow and flourish. But the primary reasons leading to most businesses adopting a platform include:

  1. Increasing the rate of conversions from previously generated leads.
  2. Balancing your new customers and retained customers, thereby covering the cost of new sales acquisitions (remember that retaining customers is more profitable than getting new ones, but getting new ones is how your company grows).
  3. Forming strong, long term relationships with customers.
  4. Building brand loyalty in a world of ever widening choices.
  5. Narrowing your marketing strategies in order to cut through the noise of an oversaturated digital landscape.
  6. Giving your sales team the tools they need to boost their productivity and connect more efficiently with your customer base.
  7. Improving customer service by better managing cases, retaining customers and improving customer satisfaction surveys.
  8. Collecting customer testimonials to display on your site

A customer management platform can help with everything above. It gives you the tools you and your team needs to address each issue and so begin to improve sales, customer retention, etc, all of which exponentially grows your brand.

Now you know why you need a CRM platform. So which one should you try? A quick Google search shows that there is no end to the choices you can select from. Many choices have their benefits, but there are also a few drawbacks. How do you choose?

I will admit I haven’t tried every CRM platform on the web, but I have used and loved Salesmate.

Salesmate is a complete CRM program that is very growth minded. It offers solutions for small businesses, nonprofits and startups, as well as role based solutions for sales, service, marketing and IT.

Salesmate has three primary principles: improve your sales, gain better customer relationships and deliver projects to the right people on the right teams.

By visualizing your sales pipeline it lets you see what exactly works for your sales acquisition and who of your team is doing the best job:


Strengthen those Relationships with Remarketing

Not all of your site visitors and ad clickers will get into that sales funnel that we want them to go through. In fact, most of them will leave without leaving any traces, i.e. without following your social media accounts or opting in to your email list.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you cannot still get in touch with them again. According to WMEgroup Marketing Agency, Remarketing is a perfect customer relationships building technique because it lets you reach out to both your existing and bounced customers with your custom message.

The two most popular and effective platforms for re-marketing to your customers is Google Adwords and Facebook. Both provide detailed reporting allowing you to craft highly-targeted creatives to achieve better response.

Speaking of creatives, Bannersnack is a great tool to try because it saves an incredible amount of time allowing you to create multiple banners at a time.


Putting these together will take about an hour of your time and you can set up your remarketing campaign right away.

Set up a Business Management Dashboard to Monitor EVERYTHING

Finally, CRM involves so much tracking and monitoring that setting up a separate dashboard is a must.

Cyfe is the only solution on the market that I’ve tried because it’s incredibly affordable and feature-rich. You can customize a widget to make a CRM monitoring platform and put everything in one place.

You can use it for CRM monitoring with help of the following widgets:

  • Monitor your customer support team stats with Zendesk widget
  • Monitor your customers’ conversations with Twitter widget
  • Monitor your team progress with Google Calendar app
  • Use world clock for international distributed team management
  • Manage your finances with QuickBooks app
  • Monitor your traffic with Google Analytics app, etc.


If you have a platform you have tried, be sure to leave a mention of it in the comments below.

Michael Brenner

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