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Our campaigns deliver specific, time-bound results that help clients meet strategic business objectives.

Ken Kaplan

The Forecast, Nutanix

Michael is a great listener, researcher and pathfinder. He gives excellent examples/anecdotes that help define a clear way forward. His advice around content marketing is tried and true. He’s relentless about putting audiences first without forgetting business needs. He did a great job of managing group dynamics and strong personalities, resulting in agreement on a new direction.

Len Herstein

Chief Brand Strategist

The folks at MIG understand that in Content Marketing, the end line is ALWAYS moving. They expertly navigate both the art and the science to map out real-world solutions to how to better reach customers with messages that connect and generate actions. They are also incredibly responsive in their communications.

Frank Thomas

Director – Digital Corporate Communications

Michael combines great expertise and thought-leadership with humbleness; persuasiveness with empathy; reliability with elements of surprise. In short, working with him feels super effective and enjoyable. Hiring MIG usually means getting more than you asked for.