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  • guy holding smartphone after learning about the latest social media trends in 2023

    11 Real Social Media Trends for 2023: What Insiders Won’t Tell You

    Change is the only constant in the world of digital marketing–especially when it comes to social media trends. Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all content. The current expectation of users leans heavily towards authentic, community-driven campaigns. As we navigate these shifting sands, understanding the latest social media trends is more important than ever. In

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  • image shows fresh vegetables as an example of fresh content

    How Fresh Content Impacts SEO in 2023

    Google, the world’s leading search engine, currently has over 85% of the search engine market. And, they’ve made it abundantly clear that their ranking preferences lean heavily towards websites that prioritize user experience. This means they reward content that resonates with an audience, demonstrates expertise, and adds tangible value to the lives of readers. As

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  • young boy with glasses uses the smart marketer’s handbook to learn about social media marketing in 2023

    Social Media Marketing in 2023: The Smart Marketer’s Handbook

    The digital landscape is a place where change is the only constant, where today’s winning strategy might be tomorrow’s old news. Not only does this make it hard to keep up as a user, but it’s especially challenging when you’re trying to master the art of social media marketing. But, you’ve come to the right

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  • funny dog wearing sunglasses driving results with social media metrics

    14 Social Media Metrics That Drive Results in 2023

    Ever feel like your social media metrics are whispering secrets to you? Like they’re trying to tell a story about your audience, your brand, and your online performance? Well, you’re not far off. Social media metrics are constantly gathering intel, ready to report back with crucial insights about how much your audience is digging your

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  • businessman holding a big key to keyword clustering

    Keyword Clustering: The Only Guide You’ll Need

    Google’s tech gurus have been busy working on understanding language and how words connect on a webpage. They’ve come up with tools like ‘neural matching’ and ‘BERT’, and with every Google update, the search engine is becoming more and more sophisticated. But just because Google’s getting smarter, doesn’t mean businesses are keeping up. A lot

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  • medieval man uses scroll for storyteller marketing

    Once Upon a Brand: The Power of Storytelling in Marketing

    Storytelling is the art of drawing out empathy from your audience. As I said in Mean People Suck, we can use the power of storytelling to truly get what we want in life and in business. Storytelling has played a major role in human communication since the beginning of time. We use stories to share

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  • Is SEO Dead? Long Live Social Search!

    Gone are the days when Google reigned supreme, because social media search is on the rise. More and more users are asking TikTok and Instagram to answer their questions. Are social media’s conversational, personalized responses leaving Google’s SERPs in the dust? TikTok alone has ended Google’s 15-year streak as the world’s most popular search engine.

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  • bearded Man in plaid shirt wonders why social media SEO is still a thing in 2023

    Why Social Media SEO Is a Thing in 2023

    Gone are the days when traditional SEO tactics, like keyword stuffing and link building, ruled the digital space. Now, it’s all about mastering the art of capturing attention on social media platforms, where cat videos and viral challenges can make or break your online presence. But that’s not all. Did you know that AI is

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  • confused tourist looking for customer journey mapping tools

    11 Customer Journey Mapping Tools for B2B Marketers

    Odds are you already know how important it is to attract and retain customers. But do you know how direct the relationship is between understanding your customers’ needs and maximizing the results of your marketing efforts? Luckily, with the right customer journey mapping tools, you can create a specialized experience for your audience that not

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  • humanoid robot pointing and thinking about new Google Magi developments

    Why Google Magi Will Force You to Rethink Search

    For the last 25 years, Google has ruled the digital space, guiding our searches and shaping our online experiences. So, we can only imagine how shocked Google employees were when they learned that Samsung, a powerhouse of consumer electronics, considered swapping Google as their devices’ default search engine for Microsoft’s Bing. Bing, once considered a

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