12 B2B Marketing Blogs You Need To Read

Woman on her laptop reading the best b2b marketing blogs
Woman on her laptop reading the best b2b marketing blogs

When I created my own B2B Marketing Blog almost 14 years ago, I looked out across the web and asked “what do I have to say that is unique, valuable and helpful?” I explained why I love marketing and how I would try and help other marketers learn and grow.

In 2015, I created Marketing Insider Group to help provide an insider’s point of view from my 25 years as a company marketer. And also to share the inside tricks we use to help our clients grow their traffic, leads and revenue through successful and engaging B2B content

I made a lot of mistakes and learned through a ton of trial and error. But mostly, I looked to experts in the industry who had already blazed the trail ahead of me.

In the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. Whether you’re a content marketer at a large technology company or a tech-savvy founder of a small startup, the insights and strategies shared by industry leaders can be a game-changer.

This article aims to guide you through the all top B2B marketing blogs that are guide our thinkings, share expert tips, and shape the industry today. From practical advice to innovative ideas, these blogs are must-reads for anyone looking to elevate their B2B marketing game.

Quick Takeaways

  • Diverse Perspectives: The best B2B marketing blogs offer a wide range of viewpoints, from practical advice to creative inspiration, catering to both large corporations and small startups.
  • Continuous Learning: Following these blogs ensures you stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends, tools, and strategies, helping you stay competitive in the market.
  • Community Engagement: Engaging with these blogs not only provides valuable insights but also connects you with a community of like-minded professionals who can support and inspire your growth.

I invite you to read and follow these amazing bloggers and if I missed your blog or someone you know, please let me know!

Why B2B Marketing Blogs Matter

You know, when I first started in the B2B marketing space, I was hungry for knowledge, insights, and real-world advice. And where did I find it? B2B marketing blogs. They were my go-to resource, my daily dose of inspiration, and my virtual mentors.

They matter because they bridge the gap between theory and practice, between what’s taught in textbooks and what’s happening on the ground. They’re not just words on a screen; they’re the collective wisdom of the industry.

Target Audience and Their Needs

Now, who should be reading these blogs? Well, if you’re a content marketer at a large tech company, you know the challenges of keeping up with the ever-changing landscape. You need strategies that work, insights that resonate, and content that connects.

And if you’re a tech founder at a smaller company, you’re juggling a million things. You know you need SEO content, but time is a luxury you don’t have. These sites are also tailored to your needs, your challenges, your goals, and your interests. They’re your virtual team, your support system.

Staying On Top of Emerging Trends in B2B Marketing

Let’s face it, the B2B marketing world is like a fast-moving train, and if you’re not on it, you’re left behind. I’ve seen trends come and go, and I’ve seen how they can make or break a strategy. Staying updated is not a choice; it’s a necessity. It’s about knowing what’s next, what’s working, and what’s worth your time. It’s about being proactive, not reactive. It’s about leading, not following. Here’s what you’ll find covered in these top B2B Marketing Blogs.

Tools and Technologies

I remember the days when marketing tools were limited, and technology was a distant dream. But today, it’s a whole new ball game. From automation to analytics, from AI to augmented reality, the tools and technologies available are game-changers.

They’re not just making our lives easier; they’re making our strategies smarter, our content more compelling, and our results more measurable. But with so many options, knowing what to use and how to use it can be overwhelming. That’s where these blogs come in. They demystify the tech, they guide the way, and they make the complex simple.

Case Studies and Success Stories

I’ve always believed that learning from others is one of the most powerful ways to grow. And that’s why I love case studies and success stories. They’re not just stories; they’re lessons. They’re real-world examples of what works and what doesn’t. They’re the proof in the pudding. They show you the path, the pitfalls, and the potential. They inspire, they educate, and they motivate. They’re the fuel to your fire, the wind to your sails. They’re the tangible evidence that success is not just possible; it’s achievable.

I hope this resonates with you as much as it does with me. These blogs, these insights, these stories, they’re more than just content. They’re the heartbeat of the B2B marketing world. They’re the roadmap to success. And they’re waiting for you to explore. So dive in, learn, and let’s grow together.

The 12 Best B2B Marketing Blogs

  1. Content Marketing Institute  – covers everything you need to know about content marketing.
  2. MarketingProfs – Professional development, tools, and insights for modern B2B marketers.
  3. Orbit Media blog – A go-to place for web design and digital strategy. I make our team subscribe to these top 3 blogs
  4. Marketing Book Podcast – Grab your headphones and learn from the best authors in marketing.
  5. Webbiquity – Tom Pick’s B2B Marketing Blog is all about maximizing your online visibility. It’s packed with insights on SEO, social media, content marketing, and more.
  6. Velocity Partners – This is a B2B marketing agency with a killer blog. They specialize in content marketing, and their blog reflects their expertise with actionable insights and creative strategies.
  7. Heinz on Marketing – Matt Heinz’s blog is a must-read for sales and marketing professionals. He covers everything from lead generation to marketing automation, all with a practical and engaging approach.
  8. Convince and Convert by Jay Baer’s team helps B2B Marketers create real business value from their marketing and social efforts.
  9. Backlinko – SEO made easy (well, easier) with Brian Dean’s expert guidance.
  10. The B2B Lead Blog – Lead generation is the name of the game here. Brian Carroll and his team provide valuable insights on generating and nurturing leads, with a focus on aligning sales and marketing efforts.
  11. Toprank – TopRank Marketing’s blog is a hub for digital marketing insights. They cover content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and social media. Their approach is both strategic and creative, making it a great resource for B2B marketers at all levels.
  12. ISBM B2B Pulse Blog – this content from the Institute for the Study of Business Markets covers the State of B2B Marketing.
  13. Marketing Insider Group our website tries to be a hub for B2B content marketing wisdom and insights. We are all about helping businesses reach their audience in a meaningful way through:
  • Content Marketing Strategies:  practical advice on creating and implementing content marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience.
  • Digital Marketing Trends: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest content marketing trends and best practices in digital marketing, SEO, social media, and more.
  • Thought Leadership and Culture: There’s a strong focus on thought leadership and fostering a positive company culture. After all, mean people suck, and a happy team leads to happy customers.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: The content emphasizes putting the customer first, understanding their needs, and creating value that goes beyond the sale.

How to Utilize B2B Marketing Blogs

Creating a Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy is essential for B2B marketing success. It involves understanding your target audience, setting clear goals, and crafting content that resonates with your business audience. Utilize guides and insights from industry experts to create a lead-generating content strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Weekly Reading and Learning Routine

Staying updated with the latest trends and insights in B2B marketing requires a consistent reading and learning routine. Dedicate time each week to explore new articles, guides, and case studies. Utilize SEO checklists and content writing guides to enhance your understanding and application of effective B2B marketing practices.

Engaging with the Community

Engagement with the B2B community is vital for building your brand and finding your audience. Participate in social media discussions, share insights, and collaborate with other professionals. B2B social media marketing strategies can guide you in creating meaningful connections.

The Future of B2B Marketing

The future of B2B marketing is dynamic and evolving. Embracing new data, technologies, and strategies will be key to staying ahead of the competition. Continuous learning and adaptation to emerging trends will define success in the B2B landscape.

Now is the time to take action. Implement the strategies discussed, engage with the community, and stay committed to continuous learning. Whether you’re a large technology company or a small technology founder, these insights are tailored for you.

Start your journey towards B2B marketing excellence today, and don’t hesitate to reach out for further guidance and support. Your success in B2B marketing awaits!

Ready to take your B2B Marketing to the next level? Start creating high quality content consistently to capture the hearts of your customers. Get started today by checking out our weekly blog content service, or schedule a free consultation now to learn more!

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner  is a Top CMO, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Influencer, an international keynote speaker, author of "Mean People Suck" and "The Content Formula" and he is the CEO and Founder of Marketing Insider Group, a leading Content Marketing Agency . He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael helps build successful content marketing programs for leading brands and startups alike. Subscribe here for regular updates.

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  1. Fantastic list, Michael (and honoured to see Velocity on it).

    I guarantee that your name and B2B Markeitng Insider would be on the Top Ten list of all 20 of these. Thanks for putting so much into the B2B community.

  2. Great list Michael, and yes your blog should be on it but I’m sure humility prevented that. 🙂

    I would add Duct Tape Marketing (John Jantsch) to the list. While he’s not purely B2B, he does give great practical advise. His handle is @ducttape in case anyone wants to check him out.

  3. Congrats on three years of B2B Marketing Insider Michael! Thanks for including Marketo and the shout out. Truly flattered to be in such great company. I would also echo what Doug says above, B2B Marketing Insider is definitely on Marketo’s top ten list.

  4. Wow, thanks so much for including us! Honored to be among such great company. And I agree w Doug, if you weren’t so modest you’d be at the top of this list!

  5. Michael, thank you for the inclusion, awesome to be included by you and alongside a number of bloggers I admire and who have inspired me over the last almost two years of my blogging journey!

  6. Boo. Hiss. My blog didn’t make the list.

    No seriously… great list. Great idea. Great getting schooled by you Michael.

    [Consolation prize: I do contribute to a number of these great blogs.]

    P.S. Soon to have a webinar on B2Comm. Happy about that.

    1. Thanks Barry. It was readers (and social media followers) choice but happy to see you throwing your site into the mix. Great article on Convince and Convert btw and cannot wait for the webinar!

  7. FearlessCompetitor.com didn’t make the list (shucks) but you got some of my favorites. Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners UK deserves the props. And Jay Baer and Mark Schaefer were both guests on Marketing Made Simple TV. Congrats to everyone on the list!

  8. Michael, I’m thrilled to be included on your list with so many of my B2B marketing heroes. Thank you. All I can think of is the scene from Wayne’s World when they meet Alice Cooper, bow down and proclaim “We’re not worthy!!”

  9. Michael,

    Thanks for thinking of us when you compiled this awesome list. Being mentioned among this group of people I respect so much is a fantastic way to start the new year. I only wish the B2Bbloggers site was going to continue this year too. Jeremy Victor’s innovative and informative work with that site really helped me and I’m sure many, many other. Congrats to my fellow B2B Brainiacs and Maniacs on this list too!

    1. Thanks James, it was based on feedback from my social connections and linkedin groups so probably reflects the make-up of those communities. But thanks for bringing in a larger perspective. Will definitely check this one out.

  10. Great list. I always appreicate your insights and I follow many of the blogs you’ve included. I make some B2B digital marketing observations at my site, http://www.brianjoosse.com (the blog direct URL is e-motes.blogspot.com); have been really busy the last year so haven’t been as consistent as I’d like. At any rate, thanks again.

    1. Thanks Brian, I appreciate your support and happy you found this useful. This is one post where I am happy to see people add their own site in the comments. I will check your site out as well and invite all my readers to do the same.

  11. Hi, Michael!
    Thanks so much for including Savvy B2B Marketing in this fabulous line up. Thrilled to be among such great company and to discover a few voices that are new to me.

    Love that there are so many dynamic and creative marketers talking about B2B these days!

  12. What a great list, Michael. I am relatively new B2B blogger and was very excited to see a lot of familiar faces on this list! I follow many of these, and actually have told Eric Wittlake that I consider him to be my online “mentor.”

    I’m glad you published this list and I hope a lot of people who are new on the B2B blogging scene will take your advice to heart and follow the people you listed above. They will certainly be learning from some of the best!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I have been “schooled” by Eric many times and have called him my “muse.” He may have inspired more of my posts than anyone else and once a few weeks ago, I think we even published a very similar article at exactly the same time without even knowing it. Anyway, thanks for your support and for stopping by!

  13. Michael, thanks so much for including my B2B Marketing Traction Blog on your list. What an honor. My resolution for this coming year – interface more with my fellow B2B bloggers!

  14. Nice list Michael! I must admit that although I follow many of these and we are part of some of their posts, there are some new ones that I need to take a closer look at. Thanks for putting the time into this post!

    And in the spirit of self-promostion :-). .. . here’s our Tech Marketing blog’s link with our latest blog re: the Top 10 CMO Predictions for 2013: The CMO Becomes Master of Data. https://tinyurl.com/ajc8vzh

  15. Noticeably absent – the Comedy & Cheeseburger blog. But a very helpful list. Thanks, Brenner. When do you ever sleep?

  16. Michael;
    Congratulations on achieving the recognition you have in just three short years (although I bet they didn’t feel short to you!). A great list – it has many of my favorite blogs on it.

    If I may be allowed a little self-promotion: our own blog has been selected as one of the best B2B marketing blogs on the net. I believe you may find the Social Media’s Magic Number post interesting:
    Thanks again for the great posts you produce and for the really good list.

    1. Thanks Eric, I am very happy that you have added yourself to the list. I expect it to be a living and breathing and constantly growing list. And I look forward to checking yours out.

  17. Thanks for the great list, Michael! It is my first comment on your blog. Since you are certain that you “missed some great B2B Marketing blogs”, I wanted to contribute a suggestion to add a great blog to your list. My colleagues and I (having nothing to do with marketing) have been following Dr. Emily Coleman’s Competitive Advantage Marketing blog for a while now, and I think it would make a great addition to your list: her intelligent and witty articles are a must-read! Please, take a look – and thank you!


    1. Thanks Dawm, this is one of the posts where I am really happy for people to throw their blog’s hat in the ring. Thanks for sharing with all of us and I hope it leads to new readers for you!

  18. Thanks for sharing this collection of blogs. I hope they will all be as great as you have portrayed them to be!

  19. Thanks got the list! I have been looking for different blogs to read about B2B marketing and this helps. Can’t wait to check them out.

  20. Hi Michael, great list! How had I missed it before?

    Can I humbly suggest that you take a look at the EyeQuant blog? We’re really proud of our conversion-centred content and the way it’s gaining steam!


  21. Hi Michael,
    Like they all say……… superb resource!
    http://www.infoquestcrm.co.uk is a site just for B2B customer satisfaction surveys (a bit niche!). There’s a blog which is a bit wider, but still only B2B (which is open to guest authors, by the way).
    There’s also useful stuff including a 12-page library of questions (for c-sat surveys) and a 10-point pre-survey checklist.

  22. Michael
    Great post. Definitely helpful. We have some great b2b content that we would like to share. Please check us out!

  23. Hi Michael,

    nice article! I have learned some good strategies from a few of the resources listed already. My livelihood involves B2B Marketing in that I sell financial services for a commercial collections firm. I am always looking to connect with new clients, so building my online network is a necessity, thanks for the great share.

  24. Hi Michael, great list! We would love if you could include our B2B blog at http://www.healthcareitleaders.com/blog in your next list. We feature insight from our Chief Medical Officer, a former hospital administrator; our Chief Marketing Officer, a former VP of Marketing for Express Scripts and Priority Healthcare; and our popular “Meet the Recruiter” series, in which we get to know our consultant-facing advisers on a personal level. Thanks for a great piece!

  25. Michael, (I’m clearly late to the party)

    Thanks for the list. We now have a B2B Marketing blog that has great B2B material including two particularly popular areas:
    1) #BADMarketing,
    2) Podcasts of B2B Marketers

    If it’s not too late to submit ourselves for consideration, please add the Crimson Marketing Technology Blog.

    Thanks! Glenn Gow

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  27. This is a great list. Many marketers will find it helpful if they are looking into leveraging these blogs for their businesses, and following topics and trends can become really easy.

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