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  • woman standing out in a crowd to show thought leadership in action

    How to Create Effective Thought Leadership Content [Examples Included]

    To establish your place as a thought leader and trustworthy authority in your industry, you need to publish original, high-level content. But writing effective thought leadership content is no easy task. Taking the time and effort to learn how to create high-authority content is worth the effort. A survey of 1,000 senior executives found that, despite their

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  • Woman on her laptop reading the best b2b marketing blogs

    12 B2B Marketing Blogs You Need To Read

    When I created my own B2B Marketing Blog almost 14 years ago, I looked out across the web and asked “what do I have to say that is unique, valuable and helpful?” I explained why I love marketing and how I would try and help other marketers learn and grow. In 2015, I created Marketing

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  • businessman screaming at his computer because of SEO not working

    Why Is SEO Not Working for You? (It’s Not Dead)

    SEO not working can be a major roadblock for any business. It can leave entrepreneurs scratching their heads, feeling frustrated, and unsure of what to do next. But here’s what you need to know: SEO is an ever-evolving strategy that needs constant attention and regular updates. It’s not a one-time setup-and-forget deal. If your SEO

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  • old lady points at the camera and represents why you need seo for long-term success

    Why You Need SEO For Long-Term Marketing Success

    Great marketers are always on the hunt for the next big thing. The allure of new strategies, innovative tools, and cutting-edge technologies is undeniable. They promise to revolutionize our performance, to catapult our content to the top of the digital heap, and to keep us one step ahead in the race for online visibility. Yet,

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  • boy with glasses is shocked and surprised by the new GA4 features

    8 New GA4 Features You Absolutely Can’t Ignore

    If you want to be successful in digital marketing, you have to stay ahead of the curve. And this time, it’s the new GA4 features that are making waves. GA4 (Google Analytics 4) isn’t just any old update. It’s a complete rebuild, specifically designed to give marketers more insightful and useful data about their online

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  • WTF Does Avinash Kaushik Know About Content Marketing? (And Why I’m Excited For His CMWorld 2023 Keynote!)

    Why I’m Excited For The Avinash Kaushik CMWorld 2023 Keynote

    One of the best marketing events every year is Content Marketing World. I never miss it. And this year the speaker lineup is unmatched. Elizabeth Banks is the headliner but I’m most excited for one of the best marketing speakers I’ve ever heard, Avinash Kaushik. But What does Avinash know about content marketing. And why

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  • businessman and generative ai shaking hands

    What Is Generative AI and How Can Marketers Use It Now?

    Have you ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering how your competitors are churning out fresh content at lightning speed? It’s like they’ve got a secret weapon, right? Well, they do, and it’s called generative AI. Brainstorming ideas, crafting engaging copy, and then doing it all over again–it’s a never-ending cycle. Generative AI has the

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  • asian woman staring at a screen of social media images

    The Top 9 Social Networks For Businesses

    In today’s digital landscape, social networks play a pivotal role in business growth and brand awareness. This comprehensive guide explores the top social networks that offer unique opportunities for businesses to connect, engage, and thrive in the online sphere. Why Social Media Is Important For Business Social media is important for business, because it allows

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  • businessman with can phone finds out that conversational content has become a reality

    Is Conversational Content Finally a Reality?

    We’re living in a world where marketing ads are flying at us in every direction. It feels like a never-ending game of dodgeball, and we’re all just trying to avoid getting hit. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your buyers are tired of it. They’re turned off by old marketing tactics,

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  • A B2B Content Marketing Strategy That Works in 2023

    A B2B Content Marketing Strategy That Works in 2023

    Do you feel like your B2B content marketing strategy has become stale and your methods don’t seem to be getting the results they used to? It’s vital to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tactics if you want to stay relevant to your audience and avoid falling behind your competitors. If you haven’t changed

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